Sleep apnea is a frequently undiagnosed or misdiagnosed disorder with potentially serious or life-threatening consequences. Left untreated, sleep apnea can significantly diminish an individual's quality of life, as well as lead to serious health complications such as heart disease.


Dr. Singer has many years of clinical experience in treating sleep apnea. His expertise in developing and customizing dental appliances to correct airway obstructions or improve the flow of oxygen has proven highly successful in numerous cases. These appliances are an effective alternative to the use of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device. Additionally, a dental appliance is far less restrictive for sleeping and more portable.

Sleep Quiz

Many teaching hospitals and sleep centers are equipped to diagnose sleep disorders. However, a large proportion of individuals with sleep problems are unaware that they suffer from such a condition. Ask your doctor about a sleep quiz, look for a sleep center under a university hospital's department of Neurology, ENT, or Sleep Medicine, or visit the web sites of various sleep organizations, such as the National Sleep Foundation or the American Sleep Apnea Association.

The Numbers Game

18 million Americans (estimated by the National Institutes of Health - NINDS) have sleep apnea.

5 - The number of times more likely pro football players are than similarly aged adults to have sleep apnea, a nighttime breathing disturbance associated with obesity, cardiac events, and premature death.

34 - The percentage of professional football linemen who have sleep apnea.

43 - The age at which football legend Reggie White died from a variety of conditions, one of which is believed to be sleep apnea.

Sources: New England Journal of Medicine, news reports, National Institutes of Health