Dr. Singer has extensive experience with the following:

Dentistry: Complete dental and facial reconstruction, dental implants, full mouth rehabilitation, jaw repositioning for joint noises; and total jaw realignment to close anterior open bites or large spaces between the front teeth without the need for surgery or orthodontics.

TMJ/Orofacial Pain: Physical therapy, occlusal splints, full mouth rehabilitation, conservative treatment, iontophoresis, TENS, acupuncture, Alpha stimulation, EGS, drug management, athletic mouthguards, and jaw repositioning for joint noises and total jaw realignment.

Implants: Extraoral and intraoral implant restorations, utilizing many different implant systems.

Oral Surgery: Surgical stents, implant guides, postoperative physical therapy, jaw-aligning devices, bite opening devices.

Cleft Palate: Obturators, prosthetic reconstruction, implant restoration, feeding devices, premaxilla repositioning devices, speech appliances; member of the hospital Cleft Palate Team.

Occupational Therapy: Intraoral holding devices for instruments.

Physical Therapy: Management of TMJ/orofacial pain, continuous passive motion machines for mechanically exercising the jaw after surgery; jaw opening devices.

ENT (ear, nose, and throat): Swallowing devices for retraining or therapeutic support as a result of injury or disease; artificial ears and noses as functional and cosmetic replacements; artificial throat feeding devices, custom earplugs, tinnitus treatment, and hearing loss.

Speech Therapy: Swallowing devices, palatal lifts; speech bulbs for treating defects of the soft palate, thus enabling speech; dysarthria speech devices for stabilization of muscles to enable normal speech; devices to correct stuttering.

Plastic Surgery: Surgical conformers (for surgical positioning and support of tissue), premaxilla (the front teeth) repositioning device for cleft palate patients, facial prostheses (eyes, ears, noses), electrical burn prostheses, nasal stents which support tissue in healing and breathing. Member of the Cleft Palate Team. Dr. Singer frequently collaborates with plastic surgeon Dr. Craig R. Dufresne (http://www.cdufresnemd.com/).

Head and Neck Surgery: Obturators, surgical stents, wound-protecting devices, facial prostheses; member of the Head and Neck Tumor Board.

Chemotherapy: Intraoral management of the side effects of cancer agents, intraoral and extraoral occlusive devices, iontophoretic devices for tumor treatment.

Radiation Therapy: Tissue management of side effects of radiation; head holding devices for radiation treatment; cerrobend blocking devices which absorb or block radiation to a particular area; tongue and cheek repositioners; tissue compensators for regulating the distribution of radiation; devices for carrying intraoral radiation.

Ophthalmology: Artificial eyes, oculofacial prostheses, ocular shells, surgical conformers (devices used to preserve the anatomical features of the eye for reconstruction).

Sleep Devices: Snoring treatment devices and sleep apnea devices as an alternative to a CPAP device (continuous positive airway pressure, a treatment that uses a mask and mild air pressure to keep the airway open).

Neurosurgery: Fabrication of artificial bone flaps for implantation, wound-protecting devices.

Dermatology: Iontophoretic medicinal carriers, occlusive devices for medications, lichen planus, and burns.

OB/GYN: Vaginal iontophoretic medicinal carrier for Lichen Planus. Lichen Planus, which typically occurs intraorally, can further progress to occur vaginally. This mechanism of iontophoretic treatment enables delivery of steriods locally rather than systemically, reducing the side effects of the medication. Breast prosthesis fabrication.

Psychiatry: Member of a hospital's Chronic Pain Team.

Neurology: Assist in the resolution of migraine headaches where medications have failed or shown limited effectiveness. Approximately half of all migraines have a dental etiology which precludes the effectiveness of medications.